Adopt a Rain Garden

Munson Township Park Rain Garden_20190818_LB

Don’t have the space to install your own rain garden?

Consider adopting a public rain garden and becoming a Rain Garden Steward!

Our Rain Garden Stewards volunteer to maintain public rain gardens throughout the year. Once you sign up, we will attempt to match you with a rain garden near your preferred location! Or check out our map of public rain gardens and find an adoptable rain garden near you! There are public rain gardens all throughout Northeast Ohio in need of regular care and maintenance.

Our Rain Garden Stewards:

  • Manage invasive species and weeds
  • Pick up trash
  • Clear inlets and outlets
  • Prune plants as needed
  • Help with mulch and plant installation

We offer the option for those that have taken the Master Rain Gardener course to complete their certification by becoming a Rain Garden Steward and completing 20 volunteer hours at their adopted rain garden.

Check out the map below for a list of adoptable public rain gardens. Contact Nicole Hildebrand ( or Kate Chapel ( to get started!

Maintaining public rain gardens is just one way our alumni can help the Master Rain Gardener program. If you attend any events or do other work to help share your knowledge and spread the word about rain gardens and MRG, we'd love to hear about it!

Adoptable Rain Gardens

Click on the upper left corner of the map to see the map legend and details.